Signs of Armyworms in Your Lawn

Jul 19, 2021 | Insects & Pests

Armyworms are a threat to your lawn and have a very fitting name! With a caterpillar-like appearance, the ‘army’ will march together through a residential lawn, feeding on grass blades in their path with stunning efficiency. However, knowing how to identify them and protect your lawn with an army of your own leaves no reason to worry about these invasive pests!

How to Identify Armyworms

The fall armyworm arrives from Florida every summer as an adult moth. The moth lays eggs and eventually, the armyworm is produced through the moth’s life cycle. The armyworm infestation will slowly creep up from Northern Florida, in the summer, all the way to us in Atlanta in the early fall. An adult moth can lay several hundred eggs leading to quick population growth. The eggs only take a few days to hatch into the armyworm and the armyworm will feed for 2-3 weeks before going into the pupa stage. Quick action is needed when the worm is found or discoloration in the lawn is noticed. Armyworms in your lawn work hard and work fast, so stopping them in their tracks is crucial. 

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Symptoms of Armyworms in the Lawn

Damaged turf will start to lose its green color and have a skeletal look. If the outbreak is severe, you may notice the lawn appears to be moving in a wave-like pattern. In some cases, the entire blade can be consumed, thinning the turf. Juvenile armyworms are green in color while mature armyworms are brownish and generally are ½ inch big. You will notice several stripes going from the head to the rear.

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How to Control Armyworms

Certain weeds, insects, and diseases can’t be treated with a preventative, therefore can only be addressed once active in your lawn. A lawn insecticide should be applied as soon as possible when armyworms are present. It is crucial to read the full product label instructions or contact your lawn care professional before applying any chemical to your lawn. If you are an All Turf customer with our monthly program, insecticide is included at no extra cost to help eliminate armyworms. If you are not a monthly customer, an insecticide can be added for an additional fee. In most cases, one insecticide applied by our experienced technicians will eliminate the armyworms from your lawn. If you notice any discoloration in your lawn at any point, contact the office immediately. Your service technician will also schedule this for you if they identify it on the lawn. Since we only see your lawn once a month under normal conditions, we count on our partnership with you the homeowner to let us know if something appears out of the ordinary between treatments. Together, these pesky critters don’t stand a chance! 

With All Turf Lawn Care, you can rest assured your lawn is in great hands. Our program protects your lawn from damaging pests and fungus at an all-inclusive, monthly rate. If you’re looking for an Atlanta lawn care provider, contact us today for a quote, or let us know if we can offer you any lawn care tips!

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