The Root of Everything

Jan 19, 2015 | Lawn Care Tips

As certified lawn care technicians of All Turf Lawn Care, we know our customers appreciate the look of a lush, green lawn. However, much of what makes a lawn healthy is actually hidden beneath the blades.

Soil health has a lot to do with the overall health of your lawn, down to the very penetration of the roots. If your soil wasn’t prepared properly before the grass was planted or if it’s had little maintenance over the years, it could be more susceptible to the following issues: weeds, pests, watering/drought issues, and nutrient loss.

Improving Soil Health

If you are starting with a fresh plot of land, you can easily improve your soil health by following some of these recommended steps:

  • Clearing: Be sure to remove all debris on the ground and any buried debris such as tree stumps or rocks (if possible).
  • Grading: Rough grade large areas with a box blade attached to a tractor or use hand tools for small areas. This can uncover more debris for removal and can help prevent drainage issues.
  • Tiling: Till all of the dirt up to 2 inches to aid in root penetration of your grass. This also helps water movement, avoiding annual weeds and helps to bring the topsoil and subsoil together.
  • Topping: Add topsoil to the tiled ground (up to 4-6 inches). Research which type of topsoil is best for your area.
  • Testing: Testing your lawn for pH levels, nutrients and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity) is also a good idea, so you can see if there are any adjustments that need to be made prior to planting your lawn.
  • Finishing: Finishing can range from adding fertilizer, rolling the area with a lawn roller, to running a finishing grade across the soil. After that, you’re ready to plant your grass!

Of course if your grass is already planted, there are still ways to improve the health of your soil. All Turf recommends that your lawn be aerated annually; Zoysia and Bermuda turf during the spring or summer and Fescue in the fall.

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