Top 5 Advances in Lawn Service Technology

Apr 1, 2020 | General

As we say goodbye to the 2010s and hello to the 2020s, it’s interesting to reflect on the new additions we’ve seen in technology. From doorbells with video cameras to thermostats that adjust on their own to save energy, it’s exciting to think about what’s next. With “smart homes” becoming the norm, the possibilities are endless in approving efficiency around the house. But with all of this rising technology in and around the house, we’ve seen quite a few new gadgets that can assist with your lawn service as well. 

1. Robotic Lawn Mowers 

Very similar to the well-known robotic vacuum, Roomba, robotic mowers have emerged this year. While they aren’t as popular yet, they pretty much operate the same way. These automated mowers come with different programmable cutting patterns, and sensors to avoid obstacles.

2. Uber-Inspired Mowing Services

Quick and easily accessible mowing and landscaping services have popped up this year. If you’re looking for a one-time job to be done on the lawn, there’s an app for that (a few, actually)! While there is definitely a risk in not knowing what quality to expect, the ease of getting household chores off your list is tempting. 

3. Remote Controlled Lawn Irrigation

Irrigation systems are improving immensely, which is a great thing due to the importance of watering a lawn. Now with smart home technology, you can have “smart” sprinklers, too. With apps that connect and control your sprinkler systems, you can set schedules, adjust the duration and better measure the amount of watering going into the lawn. 

4. Fleet Tracking & Tablets

Technology has not only benefited homeowners but landscape companies as well. When it comes to tracking your works, trucks, and efficiency, tablets and fleet tracking have become a staple for landscapers. Some companies even offer an app so the customer can know when to expect their technician, too. 

5. Online Portals for Billing & Service Communications 

It goes without saying that online options have taken a front seat when it comes to billing and shopping. Mailed payments are becoming a thing of the past and autopay allows for seamless billing with sometimes an added discount! Most companies offer an online client portal where customers can access their accounts, make payments and even communicate any issues on the property. Text communications have also increased for scheduling notifications.   

Personalized Lawn Service

While technology and automation have improved the lawn care service industry over the past few years, it’s still nice to receive personalized customer service; especially when it comes to your home and lawn care. 

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