What is a Lawn Aerator & Why You May Want to Call in the Experts

Nov 26, 2019 | General, Aeration & Seeding

Come springtime in the greater Atlanta area, everyone is talking about lawn aeration but what is a lawn aerator? To be put simply, aeration is an annual maintenance practice that involves pulling 1”-3” cores (plugs) from your soil in order to help the root systems “breathe” and expand. Core aeration is extremely beneficial for a lawn and can help alleviate compaction and improve overall health and density in your lawn. Although aeration is highly recommended each year, it can also be a lot of hard work and physical labor. 

Types of Aerators

In order to perform aeration, you need to rent a lawn aerator. There are two types of aerators: a spike aerator and a core aerator. Spike aerators create holes in the ground by penetrating the soil, while core aerators create holes by actually pulling plugs of soil from the turf. This better allows nutrients, water, and air to makes its way deep into the root systems and allowing your lawn to breathe! The plugs are deposited onto the lawn and naturally work their way back in. Core aeration is best for heavy, clay soils making it the preferred choice when caring for your Atlanta lawn. 

Powered vs. Manual

When it comes to renting an aerator, you have two options again: a powered aerator or a manual aerator. A powered aerator is an easier choice, moving similar to mowing speed and requiring less physical effort. A manual aerator requires a bit more strength in using a push/pull step bar to pull the soil plugs. While a manual aerator can take hours for some homeowners, they are the cheaper option compared to powered aerators if you prefer to do-it-yourself! 

Regardless of if you choose the DIY lawn care approach or you decide to hire a professional, aeration is so important for warm-season grasses. It can make a huge difference on your lawn if done regularly by removing built-up layers of thatch which act as barriers on your lawn. If you are watering, mowing, and fertilizing all year, you want to make sure it’s getting to the most important destination: the roots! 

You don’t have to worry about spending hours in the hot sun to make sure your lawn is properly aerated. At All Turf Lawn Care, we offer aeration services to all of our customers currently enrolled in a lawn care program. Contact us today if you like an estimate or if you’d like to learn more about aeration. We are always happy to help and offer any lawn care tips to help you care for your Atlanta lawn!  


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