When To Apply Fall Lawn Fertilizer

Sep 1, 2020 | Fertilization

One of the most common lawn care misconceptions is to stop servicing your lawn once the weather cools down and fall approaches. Many do not know that fall lawn care in Atlanta is the most important time of year to focus on your lawn! Fall fertilization is crucial to rejuvenating a stressed lawn after a hot summer in Georgia. When it comes to fall lawn care, when you apply fertilizer is the key to a healthy lawn during dormancy. 

The Importance of Fall Fertilization

Fall fertilization for your lawn comes with many different benefits. As the temperatures here in Atlanta cool down, warm-season lawns prepare for dormancy. Dormancy is a state of hibernation or “sleep” through the cool seasons of fall and winter. Although your lawn is dormant, it is still susceptible to winter stress, disease, and weeds. Fall fertilizers and nutrients can prepare your lawn to defend itself from drought stress, harsh winter temperatures, and even fungus that can become active in the Spring. Additionally, cool-season grass types like Fescue, are entering their peak growing season during fall. This means nutrients are more important than ever to help bring a stressed fescue lawn back to life after a long summer. Fall is a crucial time of year in caring for a fescue lawn and is the prime-time for aeration and overseeding


When Should You Apply Fall Fertilizer? 

When maintaining and caring for your lawn, timing is everything for the best fertilization results. Here in the greater Atlanta area, the weather starts to slowly drop around late September. It is recommended to apply fall fertilizer 2 to 3 weeks before the first freeze in your area. Normally, the best time to apply fall fertilizer in Atlanta is during the month of October. In addition, the application is best earlier in the morning time as morning dew provides moisture on the lawn. Fall’s morning dew will help better incorporate the nutrients into the lawn. 


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