When to Begin Spring Lawn Care

Mar 19, 2020 | Lawn Care Tips

Springtime can be the most rewarding, and challenging, time for those who put a lot of effort into their lawns. As your lawn becomes active again, other pesky nuisances (such as weeds or turf damaging diseases) become active as well. So, where do you begin in preparing a green and weed-free lawn? These spring lawn care tips will help you determine the best time to start.

Spring Cleaning

The first thing you will want to do in preparing your lawn for spring is going to be raking and bagging any leaves, limbs or dead plant debris left on the lawn. This will allow oxygen to better reach the root system, as well as the blades to reach more sunlight, both of which will aid your lawn in bringing itself out of dormancy. 


Aerating is a great step in beginning your spring lawn care routine. Lawn Aeration is the process of pulling plugs of soil from the turf, loosening the soil to better allow for water, nutrients, and sunlight to reach the root systems. Aerating the lawn also encourages the turf to grow back thicker and fuller. During this process overseeding can be done, if so desired, to fill in bare spots.  Prior to overseeding, make sure you do some research. It can be difficult for certain turf types to take seed.


The next vital step in spring lawn care and maintenance is going to be fertilizing. Applying a starter fertilizer provides nourishment for your lawn as it’s coming out of dormancy. It will also help bring your lawn out of dormancy faster, with a richer, green color.  Watering during this time is also vital as much of the lawn’s resources will be used up when bringing itself out of dormancy. Its recommended to water for 5 to 10 minutes a day to allow the water to reach the root systems. Watering will also prevent the fertilizer from causing any burns to the grass. 

Weed Control

Prevention, in the form of applying pre-emergent, is going to be your number one tool in beginning spring lawn care. The trick is to apply it prior to spring and the warming of soil temperatures. Applying pre-emergent to the lawn will prohibit any broadleaf or grassy weeds from germinating in the lawn, especially ones whose roots extend deep into the soil. 

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