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Nov 7, 2019 | General, Fertilization

When it comes to caring for your Atlanta lawn, most focus all their attention on mowing and watering. However, knowing when to fertilize plays a key role. Regular lawn care without fertilization can be compared to a diet without exercise. Both go hand-in-hand to get the desired result! In order to see that lush green result, lawn fertilization should follow the correct schedule based on the season and your grass type. Here in the greater Atlanta area, warm-season grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia are most common. Depending on your mowing schedule and the amount of water your lawn receives, lawn fertilizer should be applied about 4-6 weeks apart from March through October. Timing is everything when it comes to fertilizing your lawn.

Early Spring

The first feeding for your lawn should fall in the early spring. At this time, the lawn is preparing to come out of dormancy and will be very hungry! Making sure your lawn is getting all the nutrients it needs is very important for a successful growing season. Using a fertilizer higher in Nitrogen will help the lawn green-up. 


As Spring is in full swing, your lawn is actively growing and you are actively mowing! Your yard is busy and using up its energy sources so it’s important to provide replenishment. Additional nitrogen can be applied to enhance the green color as everything is in full bloom. Don’t forget to water! 


Summer, especially in Atlanta, can be rough on the yard. Turf experiences high traffic, higher temperatures, and sometimes, minimal rain days. Watering is most important at this time of year, especially if you are applying fertilizer. Choose a phosphorous-rich fertilizer to strengthen the roots and help keep the lawn lush and thick.

Late Summer 

Late Summer can be the hottest time of year for Southern lawns. Continue to feed with a balanced fertilizer and water the lawn, with watering to be done earlier in the morning. 


Fall is the last thing you’d expect when asking when to fertilize your lawn. It is common for most to let their lawn fall to the wayside as Summer comes to end, but a nutrient-rich, fall fertilizer is crucial for your Atlanta lawn. Fall fertilizer high in potassium will help prepare the lawn for the dormant season and strengthen the root systems. Although the lawn may be “sleeping” through the winter, potassium will help it defend itself from winter temperatures, drought, and even disease. 

Needless to say, a lot goes into making sure your lawn has everything it needs through the year. And even with the best care, environmental conditions can add additional stress to your turf. At All Turf Lawn Care, our premium monthly program will provide all the nutrients, weed control, fungicides, and more. You won’t have to worry when to fertilize! Contact us today for a free estimate for your Atlanta lawn.  


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