When to Seed Your Georgia Fescue Lawn

Oct 7, 2020 | Aeration & Seeding

As summer cools down and fall rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about fall lawn care. For fescue lawns in Georgia, fall lawn care is a crucial time. Fall and winter are the peak growing seasons for this cool-season grass type. While overseeding each year is crucial, knowing when to seed your lawn is most important. 

When is the Best Time to Plant Grass Seed?

Making sure you’re seeding your fescue lawn at the right time is a key factor in the results you’ll get. Seed should be planted when the soil temperatures are just right to get the most from your fescue overseeding. September and October are the recommended months for fescue overseeding in Georgia. Fescue lawns seeded before September are more vulnerable to heat stress or disease. Seeding later in the colder months won’t give your need seed enough time to develop deep root systems to withstand the following season of Atlanta’s summer heat. 

Preparing Your Lawn for New Seed 

Once you’ve determined when to seed your lawn, the next step is preparation. Proper soil prep is key to a successful overseeding. Before you plant new grass seed, make sure to apply weed control to eradicate existing weeds in the lawn as much as possible. Don’t expect to completely clear out weeds in a weak fescue lawn, as the brittle state makes it vulnerable to invasive weeds. After weed control, apply the necessary nutrients to promote growth and overall soil health. Prior to seeding, make sure the lawn is clear of leaves or debris, watered in, and core aerated. Aeration goes hand-in-hand with overseeding to allow the new seed to establish deep root systems. If your fescue lawn has excessive bare areas, be prepared to spread a thin layer of wheat straw after seeding. Wheat straw will help keep the seed in place and protect it from pests and erosion.

Getting the Best Results from Fescue Overseeding

After spending time and money on seed, you want to see the results of a lush fescue lawn! After choosing the best time of year to plant grass seed, and prepping your soil, the next step is aftercare. Watering is crucial. Keeping seedlings and new seed properly hydrated after seeding will encourage growth and stronger roots. Check out our blog for more tips on getting the best results from new seed. 

Whether you decide to take on seeding yourself, or hiring a landscaper, your lawn will thank you! Seeding each fall is the only way Fescue lawns can thrive in Atlanta, Georgia. For a quote on seeding your lawn, contact All Turf Lawn Care today. We begin seeding in October once the soil temperatures are optimal for successful growth. Combining overseeding with our monthly lawn care program will ensure your new lawn receives proper nutrients and weed protection through the year for sustained results. 


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