Which Lawn Mower is Best?

Jul 1, 2020 | General, Lawn Care Tips

As you know by now, mowing your lawn and proper mowing habits are crucial to a great lawn. When shopping for a lawnmower, there are a lot of things to consider. From the size of your lawn, the type of mower, and different power source options, where do you begin? We’ve compiled a few tips for choosing the right mower for your lawn. 

Choosing the Best Lawn Mower for Your Lawn

There are three main types of lawnmowers: a walk-behind mower, a riding mower, or a tow-behind mower. All three types come in different styles and come along with different perks. When choosing which style would be the best fit for you, it’s important to consider the size of your lawn. Another factor that comes into play is the power source with each mower style. 

Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

A walk-behind mower is probably the most common lawn mower one would picture when it comes to regular maintenance. They are the best fit for smaller to medium lawns because, as the name suggests, you will be walking. Available in a variety of power sources, like battery-powered or cordless, manual, electric and gas-powered. Being that they are the best fit for smaller lawns, they also have a smaller cutting width. With that, they are much easier to store and maintain than larger mowers. While they require more physical effort, they are the most budget-friendly option when shopping for a lawnmower. 

Riding Lawn Mowers

Coming in a few different styles, riding mowers are the more luxurious option. Different variations of riding mowers include tractors, zero turns, and rear engine riders. Needless to say, riding mowers are beneficial for larger properties. A perk that comes along with riding mowers is the speed due to being powered by a gas engine. They have a wider cutting width, however, which means they will take up more storage space. 

Tow-Behind Lawn Mowers 

Finally, there are tow-behind mowers, which are less common than the other two types but can very useful depending on what you need. Tow-behind mowers are best for large areas of land like farming, or golf courses. As the name suggests, they should be connected to another gas-powered vehicle or riding mower for use. Being the best fit for commercial use, they also have the largest cutting width. 


Whether you decide to manage the mowing yourself or hire a professional, making sure the mowing is maintained properly is most important. If you are in need of mowing services, All Turf Lawn Care works with a dedicated network of landscapers throughout metro Atlanta, and we are happy to make a recommendation. Regular maintenance combined with our personalized lawn care programs will guarantee a successful summer for your Atlanta lawn. Contact us today!

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