Lawn Care Services in Buford, GA

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If you are looking for top-notch lawn care services for your home in Buford, Georgia, look no further than All Turf Lawn Care. We are a family-run business established in 2005 on the principles of quality and integrity. In contrast to our larger, national competitors, we can give you personalized customer service by carefully examining and analyzing your lawn and determining exactly what treatments are needed. We will then create a customized turf management program that can help your lawn stay green and eliminate unsightly weeds and brown spots.

Personalized Lawn Care Services for Residents of Buford, GA

When you choose All Turf Lawn Care, you’ll have access to a variety of lawn care services that can help promote the beauty and health of your lawn, including:

  • Eradication of virtually any weed that grows in the Buford, GA region, including crabgrass and broadleaf weeds
  • Pre-emergent weed prevention, so the weeds don’t return
  • Regular application of fertilizer to help your grass grow and improve its green color
  • Limestone application to improve fertilizer efficiency
  • Fungicide, insecticide, and annual fire ant control (available with our Premium program) to keep your lawn free of pesky, damaging insects and fungus

At All Turf Lawn Care, we want your lawn to not only be healthy and attractive, but also safe and comfortable for your family and pets. We hand-select our turf management chemicals based on the most recent scientific testing to ensure that they are highly effective at eliminating weeds and promoting a healthy lawn.

If you decide that you want personalized lawn care services from a trustworthy company that really cares about its customers, contact All Turf Lawn Care today and set up a free consultation at your Buford, GA, home.

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With our program, you can have the lawn of your dreams. Give us a try. We don’t lock you into any contracts!