Lawn Care Services in Woodstock, GA

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If you require lawn care services and live in Woodstock, Georgia, why hire a big, impersonal lawn care chain when you can partner with All Turf Lawn Care instead? We are a family-run company that was founded in 2005 by Gary Lewis and his son Gary Lewis, Jr. Despite our growth, we remain committed to delivering highly personalized services to each customer. With us, you can expect to receive fully customized turf management solutions backed by world-class customer service and competitive pricing.

Reliable Lawn Care Services

The lawn care services that we can provide to you in Woodstock, GA, essentially run the gamut. Our Basic program, for example, calls for the periodic application of:

  • Fertilizer – Because you lawn doesn’t receive all of the required nutrients naturally, regular fertilization is necessary for it to thrive, stay healthy, and ward off disease.
  • Herbicide – By applying herbicide, our goal is twofold: kill off existing weeds and prevent new ones from growing.
  • Limestone – Having limestone added to your lawn once a year will help the soil maintain the ideal pH level for grass growth.

Subscribers to our Premium program receive all of the above plus fungus control, fire ant control, macro- and micro-nutrients applications, and 10 percent off our standalone lawn care services, which include lawn aeration, overseeding (for cool-season grasses only), topdressing, and mosquito control – just to name a few.

Contact All Turf Lawn Care to request more information about the lawn care services we provide in the Woodstock, GA, area. We will be pleased to evaluate your lawn care needs free of charge and get right to work on developing a customized treatment plan.

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Today Is the Begining of Your Lawn Transformation

With our program, you can have the lawn of your dreams. Give us a try. We don’t lock you into any contracts!