Lawn Treatment in Canton, GA

Lawn Treatment Canton GA

If you need treatment for your lawn in or around, Canton, Georgia, the only name you need to know is All Turf Lawn Care. We are a family-owned and -operated business that provides customized turf management programs to residents in the area. Instead of the cookie-cutter approach taken by most large lawn care chains, we take the time to examine your lawn and determine exactly what treatments will yield the best results.

Canton, GA Lawn Treatment Programs

The lawn treatment programs we offer to Canton, GA, residents include such services as:

  • Weed control – Pre- and post-emergent herbicides will kill off the weeds that are plaguing your lawn and help prevent new ones from returning
  • Fertilizer application – This will provide your lawn with the minerals and nutrients it needs to thrive
  • Limestone application – This will balance the pH of your lawn and help it use the nutrients provided by the fertilizer more efficiently
  • Fire ant control – Keep your lawn safe and comfortable for you and your family by eliminating fire ant infestations and eradicating their source so they won’t come back
  • And more

Choosing a lawn treatment program from All Turf Lawn Care means that you will not only get great results, you will also receive the personalized service you expect from a small company. When you call into our office, you will be able to speak with someone who knows you by name and knows the ins and outs of your lawn. You will also receive periodic visits from our regional quality control manager, who will make sure your lawn treatment program is working as intended.

To get started with your customized lawn treatment program, contact All Turf Lawn Care today. We would be happy to set up a free consultation at your home in the Canton, GA, area.

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With our program, you can have the lawn of your dreams. Give us a try. We don’t lock you into any contracts!