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Summer is quickly approaching in the greater Atlanta area and it’s time to consider other services your lawn may be missing. All Turf offers spring aeration, mosquito control, a new growth regulator program, and more. Take back your lawn this summer with All Turf’s Mosquito Defense. Now until July 1st, new mosquito customers can save on their first application (up to $50 off). Already have a Mosquito provider? If you want to make a switch, send us your most recent bill and we will cut that price by 15%. Get a quote below. 

Along with mosquito service, it’s important to stay on track with other necessary seasonal maintenance practices to keep your lawn in top-tier shape. Aeration for warm-season grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia is highly recommended every spring for the best results. And as we approach summer, mosquito activity increases as the temperatures rise. Additionally, All Turf’s new Growth Regulator Program can benefit your lawn in many ways throughout the growing season. Learn more about All Turf’s additional spring and summer services, the timing, benefits, and request a quote below. 

Mosquito Treatment with All Turf Lawn Care

When it comes to mosquito treatment and prevention, sometimes it’s best to hire a pro. There are over 3,000 different species of mosquitoes around the world.  Mosquitoes can travel up to 3 miles so simply making some changes around the house might not alleviate the problem completely. Hiring a company for mosquito treatment, like All Turf Lawn Care, is money well spent. With professional tools and proper application methods, getting rid of mosquitoes will be more successful. You can trust the pros at All Turf to help keep mosquitoes at bay with our Mosquito Control Program, running from late March through October as necessary with temperatures.

When and Why Your Lawn Needs Spring Aeration

As we know, core aeration is the act of perforating the lawn with a machine that pulls small plugs from the soil onto the lawn. These holes better allow nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach the root systems. As a result, it can improve the density, growth, thickness, and the overall health of your lawn. Plus, a dense lawn means a thicker barrier for weeds to break through! 

Following advice from the University of Georgia’s Bermuda Lawn Calendar, the best time to aerate is May-August. Once the lawn is fully greened-up and ready for Summer, aeration is a great idea. Late April is noted as a possible month as well if temperatures are high enough. The best rule of thumb when scheduling lawn aeration is that the lawn has required 1-2 cuttings. Aerating too soon, without active growth in the lawn, could delay the holes to refill. As a result, aeration holes could become a site for summer weeds to germinate. The best practice for Spring Aeration is to wait until May. 

You can rest easy knowing you can call on the professionals at All Turf Lawn Care to handle your Spring Aeration. We aerate each year through the month of May to make sure your lawn is getting the most benefit from Aeration. Currently, we offer aeration to current customers enrolled in one of our lawn care programs. Give us a call for a quote today! *Aerations will renew annually unless otherwise preferred by customer.*

Mow Less Often and Get a Thicker, Healthier Lawn with Growth Regulators

Growth regulators are chemicals used to modify and regulate plant growth and have been most commonly used in the professional turf and sports industry. Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) are on the rise for residential use on lawns with a goal to slow the rate of vertical growth while stimulating below-ground growth resulting in stronger root systems. A few benefits of using Growth Regulators on your lawn include:

  • Fewer grass clippings after mowing, reducing thatch build-up
  • Improved density, thickness, and strengthed root systems yielding a thicker, greener appearance
  • Better disease and weed resistance in your lawn

Contact All Turf today to inquire about our newest Growth Regulator Program, consisting of 5 applications from May through September.


Is the Begining of Your Lawn Transformation

With our program, you can have the lawn of your dreams. Give us a try. We don’t lock you into any contracts!