Lawn Care Service in Marietta

Complete Lawn Care Service in Marietta


When it comes to selecting a lawn care service in Marietta, All Turf Lawn Care should be your first choice! As a family owned business, we are able to provide personalized service and effective lawn treatments, as well as the experience and reliability needed to complete any job. Our team will work with you on a plan tailored specifically to your lawn to ensure you see the results you are looking for. 

Beyond exceptional customer service, a smaller business can deliver tailored turf management solutions that are far more effective than the one-size-fits-all packages. Your lawn’s unique requirements will be carefully addressed, ensuring it receives the precise care it deserves.

So, when seeking a top-care lawn care service in Marietta, look no further than our premium services! Experience the difference that genuine care and customized treatments can make for your lawn’s health and beauty. Trust us to bring out the best in your lawn with our expert knowledge and dedicated service.

Lawn Care Service in Marietta

At All Turf Lawn Care, we offer a variety of lawn care services in Marietta. This includes:

  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides for turf-damaging insects
  • Weed control including broadleaf
  • Grassy and crabgrass control
  • Premium fertilization
  • Limestone
  • Fire ant control

In addition to the above, our team is equipped to help with tree and shrub maintenance, mosquito defense, aeration, and more! When you contact us for your lawn care service in Marietta, we will take a look at your lawn to create a custom package for your lawn’s needs. Trust in All Turf for your lawn care and see the difference we can bring to you!

Need some more information? Let us show you the All Turf Difference.

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The All Turf Lawn Care Promise

We understand the frustrations people have faced when dealing with a “big name” lawn care company. We can ensure that by going with us, your needs will never go unheard. Personalized customer service, care, and communication are our top priority, always. We are here to help, guide, educate, and do everything on our part to help your lawn reach its full potential. All Turf Lawn Care has the services you are looking for, provided at the standard you deserve. Look no further than All Turf for your Atlanta lawn care company!